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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Purpose: Fully Devoted Followers

Last week I pulled a book off the shelf that I had not taken time to read when I ordered it a couple of years ago.  Amazingly it fell open to a section titled in bold, black letters “How to Develop Fully Devoted Followers.”  Wow!  Just when I’m trying to [...]

Purpose: Inviting All People

I know that pride can be a very bad thing, but I am proud of you and humbled by what I see as my family’s response to God’s calling.   I could list many examples of what I mean, but I am excited by your embrace of our small group study [...]

Passing the Pax

Passing the Pax FEBRUARY 17, 2014 Snow days in Hickory this week meant sledding, snowball fights, and wonderfully creative snowmen.  Children took to snow-covered side roads and hills Thursday morning, showing off some local flare in Hickory’s own “slopestyle” sledding.  Sochi is half a world away, but for a day, [...]

Purpose: The Importance of Invitation

What does it mean to invite?  As a young child, it means friends, games and lots of cake and ice cream.  As a young adult, maybe you were invited to be a part of an academic, service or athletic club.  Who remembers that first invite to or from your spouse?  [...]

Purpose: Centered in Christ

Last week, Pastor Wil began this blog series, helping us at First Church focus on the newly designed purpose statement for our church. He reminded us that everything we do as a church will begin to be focused on the purpose statement, which is “to invite all people to become [...]

Purpose: Answering God’s Call

Over the past several months over 100 people from our congregation have participated in a small group study of Anthony Robinson’s book, Changing the Conversation.  These small groups were part of a lay-led, Spirit-driven movement in the church.  Conversations generated by these book studies focused on how First Church can [...]