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Monthly Archives: January 2015

February 1, 2015 Newsletter

February 1 2015 Newsletter

January 25, 2015 Newsletter

January 25 2015 Newsletter

24 hr Prayer Vigil for Kairos

On Feb. 19-22, Alexander Correctional Institute will host Kairos #20.  Kairos is a ministry of passing on the love of God to men who are incarcerated.  One of the ways we share God’s love with the Kairos participants is through Agape.  In New Testament Greek ‘agape’ refers to God’s unconditional [...]

January 18, 2015 Newsletter

January 18 2015 Newsletter

Kairos Cookies

*Time AGAIN for Kairos Prison Ministry* In Matthew 25, Jesus commends the righteous for ministering to those in prison. Yet many of us may not have the opportunity nor feel comfortable actually going into the prisons. The Kairos Prison Ministry provides the opportunity for EVERYONE to join in! On February [...]

January 11, 2015 Newsletter

January 11 2015 Newsletter