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Monthly Archives: February 2015

March 1, 2015 Newsletter

March 1 2015 Newsletter

Day 4: Encountering Others

By Sunday morning, the start of Day 4, the group has moved from the awkwardness of Thursday evening to a time of mixed emotions, set in the realization that the weekend is coming to an end. The participants and volunteers have spent approximately 28 hours together, sharing meals (home-cooked food, [...]

Day 3: Encounter with Christ

Kairos is a progressive weekend that invited participants to go on a journey of various encounters. Saturday is framed as a day to encounter Christ. The day opens with a clergy person delivering a meditation in the chapel titled “Who is Jesus Christ?” Many people have heard of Jesus. We [...]

Day 2: Encounter with Self

The first day of the Kairos weekend is a day of introductions. The inmate participants are introduced to their weekend host, to the generous hospitality of Kairos (i.e., cookies!), and the generous offer of God’s unconditional love. The second day of the weekend includes another important introduction: the Table Family. [...]

February 22, 2015 Newsletter

February 22 2015 Newsletter

Day 1: Encounter with Kairos

The Kairos Prison Ministry derives its name from the Greek language which has two words for time – kronos and kairos. The meaning of “kronos” is closer to our typical meaning when we use the word “time”. The word “kairos” has a different meaning, sometimes translated as “in the fullness [...]