311 Third Avenue NE, Hickory NC, 28601 (828) 322-6058

A Message from our Pastor


We hope you will find this web site useful in helping you to get to know the many great things that are happening at First UMC, Hickory. It has been my pleasure to serve as a United Methodist Pastor for over 26 years and now have the honor to serve here at First UMC. So, like many of you visiting, I am new to First Church, but I hope you will find your place of respite and care here. There are many ways to connect at our church. We have exceptional Children’s and Youth programs, we have Sunday school classes for all ages, and we have exceptional opportunities for Older Adults.

I hope that you will take a moment to browse the web site to see how you can get connected to ministry here at First Church. For me personally, as one of the pastors of this church, it is an honor and privilege to serve a church where my father, John Christy, Jr., served many years ago. So, in a real sense, this is like coming back home to me. When you come to visit in person or on the web site, I hope you will get the sense that you are coming back home. To come home means we come back to family, and we pray that you will feel like family when you visit First UMC.

As believers in Jesus Christ, we all know that we are part of God’s Family and we encourage and invite you to come home and get reacquainted with your family. Let us know if you have questions or concerns and we will be happy to share with you any information and joy we can.

Thanks for visiting our site and now I want you to know you are welcome here because you are family, so come on home.