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Are you a parent who would like to schedule a baptism for your child? The first step is to speak to one of our pastors during the week or on Sundays after worship. You may schedule your child’s baptism after you have a conversation with one of our pastors.

wor_ba_13We baptize individuals in Sunday morning worship, so the Church family can embrace and promise to support you, and so they can be reminded of the grace of God in their own Baptisms. Most Sundays are available for Baptisms. It is always our privilege to participate in this beautiful, powerful Sacrament with you!

What is Baptism? For two thousand years the Church has baptized people, infants, children, adults, in every language, in every place, immersing them in massive pools, or sprinkling their heads. With joyful simplicity, we do as Jesus told us to do.

Jesus was baptized, “and the heavens opened, and the Spirit descended on him like a dove – and a voice said ‘You are my beloved son’ (Mark 1:9-11).

Ask a child, “What is water for?” The answers are “To drink when I’m thirsty,” and “to bathe in when I’m dirty.” Baptism quenches our thirst for God, Baptism cleanses us, and reminds us all of the power of God to fulfill and to forgive.

We baptize people of all ages. But why baptize infants if they don’t know what’s going on? They have done nothing to achieve status as God’s children—which is the point. Baptism is about the free, un-earnable grace of God. Infants don’t even believe yet—but all of us are touched by God’s grace long before we respond to God.

Water brings life; water softens what is hard and crusty. Martin Luther repeatedly said “Remember your baptism and be thankful!” Remember who you are. Your worth is defined by God’s grace. Nothing can erase the image of God in you. You are loved, and you are called and empowered by God to love, and for us to love together as the Baptized people of God, the Church.
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