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Prayers, Cookies and Money Saves Lives

Kairos Prison Ministry Update

On February 16-19, 2017, the Love of Christ was again presented in a powerful way inside the Alexander Correctional Center. The ground was fertile and many seeds were sown, some of which have already sprouted. For some, their faith was renewed and their commitment rekindled.

During this long weekend, the visible face of Kairos was a group of 44 volunteers who spent this time inside the prison walls in fellowship with a group of the least and the lost of our society, seeking to reflect the boundless unconditional love of Christ. Yet there was an army of people who collectively made this ministry possible, including hundreds of folks who participated in the 24 hour prayer vigil, who baked the 54,000 cookies that were eaten during the weekend and who contributed the $9,500 (approx.) necessary to support the three and a half day event.  Many of you were part of this army, and we want to say THANK YOU for your part in this might work of Christ.  Lives are impacted by your compassion and generosity!

We also encourage anyone who may have an interest in personally being part of this ministry to contact me or Pastor Wil. This is a unique opportunity to share and experience God’s love. No special skill or talent is needed – just your love for God and neighbor! While the inside volunteers at the Kairos ministry serving Alexander Correctional Institute are male only, there is a new Kairos community forming to serve the Swannanoa Womens Correctional Institute. Their first weekend program is planned for the Fall of 2017 and they are actively recruiting women who feel the call to be part of this important ministry.

Please contact Jim Chandler (828.294.0146) or Pastor Wil at the Church, with any questions or to volunteer!

Thank You,

Jim Chandler

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