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Vineyards for Vegetable Gardens

For the last several weeks we’ve been telling stories form the Old Testament about the prophets Elisha and Elijah.  Some of these have been stories you knew, some maybe you didn’t.  Rummaging through the Old Testament like this makes me think about visiting my grandparent’s house.  Digging through the basement [...]

Speaking of Silence

  It’s good to be back. All of last week I was gone to Lake Junaluska along with the rest of the pastors here—Bob, Troy, and Rhonda—and four members of the church for Annual Conference. This is something we go to every year, but it’s not every year that three [...]

Bread and Water

Whenever I meet someone new, like when we greet each other, I often ask, “So where are you from?” It seems like a nice, easy ice-breaker. Everyone’s from somewhere, unless you’re from Nowhere, OK. Then you just have an even more interesting ice-breaker! But I ask people where they’re from, [...]

Wash and be clean.

  In worship last Sunday, we met Elisha at the beginning of his career as a prophet. He’d graduated from apprentice to journeyman to master. He’d learned obedience and prayer from sitting at the feet of Elijah who handed down to him the traditions of the faith. He wasn’t any [...]

The Element of Surprise

  I walked in the Sanctuary a few days ago after these new banners had been hung, showing off every iteration of “red” from fire-engine to merlot to brick to cherry, crimson, scarlet and garnet; the paraments set out and set the table for a holy feast on the word [...]