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Spending Time With God

We’re all ordinary folks, living our lives, and looking for God in the midst of it.  We experience moments of rapturous joy, and moments great trial.  Which means we all have a story to tell.  We hope these stories about who we are and how God is working in our lives will be encouraging for you in your walk of faith.

In September 2016 we had a church-wide retreat centered on sabbath keeping.  Wendy Hanigofsky tells her story about how keeping the sabbath is impacting her life.


24/6 – what is it?  We live in a 24/7 society, and it isn’t always easy to stop for a day and rest.  But that is what God commanded us to do.  You know I never really gave it much thought as that is not something my family practiced growing up, nor did John and I—until now.  Of course, this is much easier for me to try and do now since the kids are grown and not demanding my time.  I do want to emphasize practice as it is a work in progress and not something that I am used to doing.  I’m a list maker, planner, and doer; and a day of rest is foreign to me.

When I was participating in the retreat this past September, a light bulb went off—the Sabbath is one of God’s commandments and I was ignoring it!  Our leader stated that God just wants to spend time with us!  That almost brought tears to my eyes because I wasn’t spending time with God.  Oh sure, I do my daily devotion every morning and say my prayers, but was I really having meaningful, quality time with God?

Another item that stuck out for me was to also spend time on the Sabbath doing things that bring you joy.  That could mean a number of things for me—piddling in the yard, going for a hike, making crafts, spending time with friends… How has this changed my life you may be asking?  Well for one thing, it has made me more aware of taking the time to spend with God, it has helped me get rejuvenated and able to face another week, and it simply has allowed me to stop, take a moment, and just breath.

Now I do have to say it’s not always easy, things (life) get in the way sometimes.  As I stated earlier, it is a work in progress but it’s something I’m striving for and trying to make a priority.  I know I’ll be better for it if I do.  I would try to encourage others to keep the Sabbath.  I know for parents with young children—this is a difficult concept, but it is certainly something that could be done as a family.  The world and all its demands certainly get in the way, but I believe it’s worth the fight.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a day to spend with God and doing things that bring us joy!

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