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Purpose: Fully Devoted Followers

Last week I pulled a book off the shelf that I had not taken time to read when I ordered it a couple of years ago.  Amazingly it fell open to a section titled in bold, black letters “How to Develop Fully Devoted Followers.”  Wow!  Just when I’m trying to [...]

Purpose: Inviting All People

I know that pride can be a very bad thing, but I am proud of you and humbled by what I see as my family’s response to God’s calling.   I could list many examples of what I mean, but I am excited by your embrace of our small group study [...]

Purpose: The Importance of Invitation

What does it mean to invite?  As a young child, it means friends, games and lots of cake and ice cream.  As a young adult, maybe you were invited to be a part of an academic, service or athletic club.  Who remembers that first invite to or from your spouse?  [...]