Last updated: June 2023

What happened? On Christmas Day afternoon, part of the sprinkler system in the second story of the atrium broke and flooded the atrium and surrounding areas in the church.

What is the current status? We are getting very close to the finish line! The CLC floor has been completed, and the elevator is now functional. Most of the new vinyl and carpet is installed, but we are still waiting for the remainder of the carpet to be delivered. The CLC kitchen has been cleaned, and we will soon be moving things back from the Community Room kitchen.

What is our revised Sunday worship schedule?

  • 8am Early Worship in the Chapel
  • 9am The Vine Contemporary Worship in the Community Room
  • 10am Sunday school (see classroom changes below)
  • 11am Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary

How does the atrium/CLC closure affect our regular ministries? We are grateful for everyone’s flexibility as we share space! Here are a few changes to note:

  • Sunday school temporary location changes:
    • Trinity/Adult Fellowship meets in the Adult Fellowship room
    • Youth class meets in the Parlor (by Sanctuary)
    • Kingdom Come class meets in the Women’s Bible classroom (same level as Sanctuary, across from Renee’s office and next to the Parlor)
  • Childcare on Sunday mornings will be in the music room behind the Sanctuary. Please look for Ashley or ask a staff member if you need help finding this location.
“You can’t see the whole path ahead, but there is usually enough light to see the next steps.” Henri Nouwen
Friends, even though we experienced busted pipes and significant water damage in the atrium of the CLC and connecting spaces, work for repair is already in progress and a great light still shines.
We will keep you posted with updates. Thank you for your love of the church and the ministry that comes from this place.