Welcome to First UMC, Hickory. We’re glad you chose to visit us here!

Rooted in Christ. We believe that rooted in Christ begins with a desire to want to grow in our faith, and h/she may not even realize their desire tone rooted in Christ! Each person is at a different point in his/her spiritual walk, so if you are a person who has just found Jesus Christ or a person who has known Christ your whole lifetime, we believe here at First UMC there is a place for you plant firm roots in Jesus Christ. We do this through one on one interaction, classes, and mission projects. Everything that we are about as a Church is rooted in Jesus Christ.

Growing in Grace.We affirm that we all stand in need of God’s amazing grace, and for us Grace is not earned or bought but is a gift, a free gift given to us by God. We hope to help each other grow in grace as we learn each others stories. We believe we grow in grace when we are in relationships, with each other and with God.

Reaching out to all. As a Church and as the Body of Christ, here in Hickory, we affirm that we are open to all people. We believe that God’s love and grace are for each person and that every person is a child of God and of sacred worth. We are not a Social Club, but the Body of Christ, reaching out to all persons. When we say ALL we mean ALL persons. We firmly and strongly believe that all persons are part of the Family of God.

There’s always a seat at the table for you. Come join us!

Lighthouse Congregation

Our congregation First United Methodist Church of Hickory, has decided to become a Lighthouse Congregation of The Western North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church in partnership with The United Methodist Collective. In doing so, we not only commit to remaining a part of The United Methodist Church but also to serving those who have lost their church homes through disaffiliation or closure. We will partner in this work by providing a welcoming place, offering ministry opportunities, helping organize remnant groups in our community, and assisting individuals and groups in discerning their nexts steps as they find a new church home.